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At the heart of our business is a desire to see our clients succeed. We enjoy taking part in that success journey through the use of our engineering expertise. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our clients and we recognize that earning trust is the first step. This is why we strive to exceed expectations and deliver quality. To support this aim, we are committed to upholding the following attributes that define our way of doing business.


Integrity is the cornerstone of trust and an essential component of every successful business engagement.  This is why Trade Above is committed to operating on the foundation of integrity. We guarantee complete confidentiality of all proprietary client information and ideas and include a non-disclosure agreement in every services agreement for your peace of mind.


Our programming expertise is backed by formal computer science education and professional software engineering experience. We take the discipline of software engineering seriously and prioritize code performance, readability, and extensibility in each solution we develop – because code that is written well, performs well.


Converting ideas into quality code can be a difficult process. It requires defining software specifications with detail and precision. This is why we take a personalized approach. We work 1-on-1 with you to discover your specific needs, provide design insights, and facilitate communication to promote a successful outcome.

A satisfied client says it all.
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“…honest, transparent, and professional.”

Been in the trading system design game for over 15 years, I know for a fact that the most important factor for success in such an endeavor is finding a great coder.

On my latest trading software idea, finding a capable coder who could put together our thoughts and logics into a reliable and functioning strategy that we could rely on has been a total nightmare.

After 3 fail attempts to find a responsible, reliable, trustworthy and capable coder, not to mention the tens of thousands spent, I finally found Josh from Trade Above. From the first call, I knew this was the right person and company to work with. He was very honest, transparent, and professional.

Josh is extremely organized and his attention to the most minuscule detail on your idea is impressive. But the most pleasant part was that Josh overdelivered way far beyond the scope of the project to make sure he could deliver what was expected and more. After the completion and delivery of our semi-complex algo, the full automated strategy has exceeded our expectation far beyond of what was expected. Josh is a real marksman and prominent expert in his field with remarkable code writing domination and mastery.

I Highly Recommend Trade Above!

Carlos D. – Orlando, Florida

“…my go to programmer!”

Josh Benton at Trade Above has helped me tremendously in developing my personal indicators. He is timely with his email responses and delivers the product quickly and if I have any questions, he is rapid in his response. Since I know nothing about programming, it is so nice to know that I have someone I can trust to listen to my request, and provide me with great service. He is my go to programmer!

Richard A. – United States

“…remarkable job writing the code…”

I’ve had Trade Above handle numerous projects for me. The most advanced software product to date is a sophisticated prediction tool I call RangePro, which forecasts price range with uncanny accuracy. It works extremely well on stock index futures, crude oil and gold. Josh Benton at Trade Above did a remarkable job writing the code and also made a number of helpful suggestions to enhance the final product.

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I was referred to Josh Benton at Trade Above by Daniel Roe, owner of Trade The Plan (TTP), who offers an impressive suite of trading applications for the NinjaTrader platform. I asked Daniel over a phone call if he could recommend a good NinjaTrader programmer. Without hesitation, Daniel recommended Josh, who he said had been a software developer for TTP.

When I first contacted Josh, I asked if he had written the code for TTP’s VolumeAnalyst, a quality piece of software and the primary reason for my interest in the TTP products. When Josh responded that he had indeed written the code I knew he was a competent programmer. But it was Josh’s response to my next question that told me all I needed to know about him. I mentioned that I’d like him to customize TTP’s VolumeAnalyst application by incorporating my own ideas. Josh’s response was that he’d have to see the specs of what I wanted, but he would not use any of the code from TTP’s VolumeAnalyst. That told me Josh wasn’t about to capitalize on work he’d done previously to gain me as a new client. I was certain Josh would treat any work done for me in the same confidential manner as he’d done for Daniel Roe. I never felt the need to ask Josh to sign a non-disclosure agreement!

Initially, Josh converted some minor TradeStation applications I found useful. He has since written the code for some bid/ask delta applications, a custom version of Ninja’s Zig Zag indicator, as well as an enhanced version of Ninja’s ChartTrader. But the most challenging assignment I gave Josh was an application that forecasts price range over set periods of time. I call it RangePro.

RangePro uses average historical data for the same time of day to forecast price range at set periods throughout the day. The time periods are user definable. The program then plots a rectangle on the chart, framing where the range is expected to fall during each period. A special algorithm optimizes the forecasts. At set intervals, the program measures the statistical accuracy of the forecasts. The user can choose such metrics as mean square error, mean absolute deviation, or mean absolute percent error to measure the accuracy of each forecast. The forecasts may also be adjusted at set intervals, say every three minutes during a 30-minute period.

RangePro forecasts price range with uncanny accuracy. And since the forecasts are based on historical and current data of the instrument being charted, it should work equally well on most markets. So far I have tested it on stock index futures, crude oil and gold and it works extremely well. Josh did a remarkable job writing the code and also made a number of helpful suggestions to enhance the final product.

I’ve not yet had Josh program any automated trading systems, but based on the work he has done for me, and the numerous conversations we’ve had, I’m sure he can handle the most intricate trading system you could devise. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached at tik0624m@gmail.com. Otherwise, I highly recommend Trade Above for all your programming needs.

Mike H. – Lansing, Michigan

“…exceeded our expectations…”

It wasn’t an easy decision deciding who to work with for our first project but we are very happy we chose Josh. He had great communication, answered all of our questions, and was very efficient and timely with all the adjustments we needed. The project exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be using him again in the future.

Ernest Curry – West Orange, New Jersey

“An amazing experience…”

I have had a great experience with Josh from inception to completion and then even support after launch for little bugs that appear. He has developed two autotrading bots for me on NinjaTrader that work great and his mantra “If you can write the rules down, I can code it” is so true. An amazing experience and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Pablo – Spain

“…the best coder I know.”

With small, simple exceptions, I have moved from coding myself to hiring the best coder I know. I would highly recommend TradeAbove.com. I know their principal because I purchased the TradeThePlan MasterSuite ($6000) and he was their programmer at the time. I knew he knew how to push the envelope of innovative coding because the MasterSuite is such a complex trading tool that it requires cutting edge techniques to manage its complexity and data. As a NinjaTrader vendor I have hired him to work on my proprietary software and our interactions indicate he is very insightful and creative, has mastered NinjaTrader, and can understand both the nomenclature of development and the concepts I have asked him to accomplish, often suggesting meritorious alternative approaches to my proposals.

Han R. – United States

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